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Reviews for Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva Chiropractor Patient ReviewsWe value our patients’ experience at Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

Client Experience Questionnaire

Improved Well Being

Reviews for Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva


Prior to receiving care from the Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva, I was awake at least two hours at night due to pain and numbness in my left arm. It was also difficult to look in my blind spot while driving.

Since completing my treatment with adjustments, cervical decompression and exercise I am sleeping through the night with little or no pain and numbness. I can turn my head and look over my shoulder without effort andI have more strength in my left arm than I did before.

My attitude and well being has changed significantly, and I am enjoying my job, daily activities and life in general again.

– Wendy E.

Feeling Normal Again

Reviews for Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva


While shoveling a stone pile, I was trying to push past a tough spot and pushed forcefully and instantly heard and felt my body weaken with extreme pain. I could not stand, sit, or lay without pain, numbness, and muscle spasms.

In the beginning my care consisted of adjustments, physical therapy, and ice. This got me to a better physical state, however a long way from normal. With Dr. Slapinski’s persistence and guidance I was introduced to Spinal Decompression. After 24 treatments I had finally felt normal. Now with stretching (yoga) and Spinal Decompression maintenance, I feel better than before my initial accident.

Quality of life depends on your health. We only have one life, make it pain free!

-Ron H.

Reviews for Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva



I can Sleep Again!

Prior to receiving chiropractic care at Spinal Rehabilitation Center I had been having problems with my neck and shoulder and was unable to sleep.

I have been seeing Dr. Slapinski and receiving adjustments and Cervical Decompression. In a matter of two months I am now pain free and I now sleep!

– Donna K.

No Longer On Pain Meds

Decompression has been a blessing for me along with adjustments from the doctors at Spinal Rehab. I am now back to doing housework, more walking, etc. No longer on pain meds and doing only routine chiropractic care. I would recommend chiropractic care for anyone.

– Barbara S.

Reviews for Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva


Back to full potential

My lower back would go out with over-exertion which made all daily tasks difficult. Over time it would take less and less exertion for my back to go out.

Lack of constant dull pain makes me less irritable. I can now work up to my full potential without the concern of being laid up for a day or two.

– Jake B.

No more Pain

Reviews for Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva


I saw the ad in the paper for Spinal Rehabilitation Center and thought I would see if it would work for me. I’ve been to other chiropractors, but this was different.

After one week, the knot in my side was gone and my lower back pain was gone. I also have COPD and it opens up my lungs and I can breathe better.

Now I am back doing housework without pain and can enjoy fun activities without pain. I do not take pain pills any more.

The staff treats me like family and they care. They are great!

– Diane K.

Highly Worth It!

Along with the weekly chiropractic treatments, I consented to a 12 week treatment program on the DRX9000 machine. The relief I experienced after the first 3 treatments assured me I had made the correct choice of treatment.

Relaxation and less pain with each session made me look forward to treatment. The non-aggressive, non-surgical, no-injection treatments has provided me with a new higher painless level of energy and uninterrupted nights sleep. The ability to once again eat balanced meals and follow a nutritional diet calmed the production of acid from GERD.

I have experienced pain free walking without exhaustion. The fact that I can stand erect with my head in line with my body and walk with stability has provided me with active days. NO side effects, NO pain, NO discomfort are all very rewarding improvements that make the time and non insured cost invested in the treatment HIGHLY worth the program.

– Sharon R.

Attentive and Professional

When I first came to Spinal Rehabilitation Center I was on disability for herniated discs and severe nerve pain in my thigh and groin. I couldn’t walk more that 1 or 2 blocks and could not work. I was in constant pain.

The decompression machine was a technique that was new to me, but I did not want to undergo surgery. So I began a treatment plan. I felt relief after only two treatments and my symptoms increasingly improved. I highly recommend decompression for relief due to spine or neck pain. Subsequent to that specific treatment, Dr. Craig had provided incredible attentive and professional care and I continued to improve. The staff at Spinal Rehabilitation Center makes every visit a pleasure.

– Pamela M.

Compromised Neck Disc

I have been a chiropractic patient for several years. I’ve recently become a decompression patient to help with severe tingling and shoulder pain as the result of compromised disc in my neck. Before the decompression treatment I couldn’t even sit and do my daily tasks at my job without my left arm going numb and having neck/shoulder pain. After just a few weeks of the decompression treatments I’ve noticed a great improvement in my daily activities. I am halfway through my decompression treatment and I can now do my daily tasks at home and at work with very little pain and tingling. With the great success that I’ve had so far, I cannot wait to see how I feel when completing decompression.

– Mike M.

Significantly Reduced Migraines

I initially started seeing a chiropractor for migraines, neck pain, dizziness, and low back pain. I would miss work with the migraines and neck pain. My migraines have been significantly reduced to once a month if that. My neck pain has been reduced and my dizziness is completely gone. We are still working on the lower back but pain has been reduced. One thing that has improved that I didn’t expect is that my allergies have gone from severe to almost non-existent! My over all chiropractic experience with Spinal Rehab has been great and helped me more that I expected.

– Vanessa P.


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