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New Patient Center

Welcome to Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva!

Lake Geneva Chiropractor New Patient Center

Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva is located in the business park right next to Walmart and Aurora Rehabilitation center.

At Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva, our goal is for patients to fully understand their condition and what’s required to get better. We’re always happy to answer your questions, and we’ll maintain an ongoing discussion about your condition and your progress. You can reach us at anytime by phone, e-mail, or on Facebook.

Your First Visit

The first time you visit our practice, you’ll meet with Dr. Slapinski or Dr. Dowell for a comprehensive consultation-to discuss your health goals. We’ll complete a thorough examination-to help us identify the likely cause of your problem and see if you are a good candidate for chiropractic care. You should plan to spend 60 to 90 minutes with us at this first visit. Please bring your insurance card as well as any X-rays or MRI results you might have.



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Your Second Visit

The next time we see you, your doctor will discuss with you a report of findings. If X-Rays were taken, you’ll review those as well. Together, you’ll review your individualized treatment protocol and schedule of care. After making sure all of your questions are answered and any concerns are fully addressed we will continue with your treatment. The length of this visit will depend on the specifics of your condition.

Future Visits

As you continue your care, your visits will consist of a brief consultation followed by an adjustment and for some, an individualized therapy treatment designed specifically to address the needs of your body. We’ll always strive to do whatever we can to help your body heal exactly as it should.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Our consultations are always free, and we’ll review your X-rays or MRI images at no cost as well. We welcome any questions you might have – we want you to be an active participant in your care!

We look forward to helping you regain your health and get back to living life to its fullest! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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