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Chiropractic Care

At Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva, our goal is to help as many people as possible who need to feel better. That’s why we offer a broad range of services – you can access the care that’s just right for you!

Chiropractic Care

When it comes to your chiropractic care, we’ll work together to choose a technique that addresses your specific areas of concern, injuries or pain points.

Our doctors have expert knowledge in some of chiropractic’s most commonly used methods and techniques, including:

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Spinal Decompression

Our spinal decompression therapy employs the DRX9000 True Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression System, a specialized treatment table that takes the pressure off your discs and spine. During treatment sessions, patients relax while injured discs are gently decompressed to restore adequate blood flow and stimulate the healing process.

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Exercise Rehabilitation

We love our patients, but we don’t want you to live in a revolving door, coming to see us over and over again for the same problem. Chiropractic adjustments are the first step toward helping your body heal itself. Adding corrective exercise helps you change the behaviors that are contributing to your problem and causing you pain. If you aren’t activating your muscles properly, you are going to be causing dysfunction in your spine and neck.

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Our multidisciplinary approach is an aggressive effort to get you feeling as well as possible in the short-term while correcting your problem for the long-term. We take into account your lifestyle, your job and your unique condition to create a plan specifically to you.

Contact us to schedule your free consultation and get on your way to the best health of your life.

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